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Science Assignments

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Page 32 Watersheds and River Basin

Page 33 Watersheds and River Basins 

Page 34 Ocean Temperatures and Currents

Page 35 Earth's Oceans

Page 36 Ocean Floor Diagram

Page 37 Ocean Floor

Page 38 Oceanic Zones

Page 39 Oceanic Zones

Page 40 Ocean Salts

Page 41 Ocean Resources

Page 42 Marine Ecosystems

Page 43 Marine Ecosystems and Estuaries

Page 44 Water Pollution

Page 45 Human Interactions with the Hydropshere

Page 46 Wastewater Treatment 

Page 47 Environmental Stewardship

Page 48 Water Quality 

Page 49 Water Quality

Page 50 Global Water Crisis

Page 51 Unit 3 Ecosystems

Page 52 AHA Page

Page 53 AHA Page

Page 54 Microhabitats

Page 55 Ecosystem Organization

Page 56 Microhabitats Revisited

Page 57 Abiotic Factors of an Ecosystem

Page 58 Symbiosis

Page 59 Symbiotic Relationships

Page 60 Predator/Prey Graph

Page 61 Other Ecological Relationships

Page 62 Food Chains and Food Webs

Page 63 Food Chains and Food Webs

Page 64 Cycles of Matter and Energy

Page 65 Cycles of Matter and Energy

Page 66 Photosynthesis Virtual Lab

Page 67 Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration

Page 68 Testing for Carbs, Proteins, and Lipids

Page 69 Nutrients and Energy

Page 70 Worldwide Loss of Bees

Page 71 Unit 4 Geologic Change Over Time

Page 72 Unit 4 AHA Page

Page 73 Unit 4 AHA Page

Page 74 Geologic Time Scale

Page 75 Geologic Time

Page 76 Earth History

Page 77 Earth History

Page 78 Fossil Formation

Page 79 Fossil Formation

Page 80 Plate Tectonics

Page 81 Plate Tectonics

Page 82 Earth's Changing Surface

Page 83 Earth's Changing Surface

Page 84 Rock Cycle

Page 85 The Rock Cycle

Page 86 Plate Boundaries Foldable

Page 87 Unit 5 Biological Change Over Time

Page 88 AHA Page

Page 89 AHA Page

Page 90 Evidence for Change Over Time

Page 91 Evidence for Change Over Time

Page 92 Genetic Variation and Natural Selection

Page 93 Genetic Variation and Natural Selection

Page 94 Biological Classification

Page 95 Biological Classification

Page 96 Putting Darwin on the Map

Page 97 Unit 6 Properties of Matter

Page 98 AHA Page

Page 99 AHA Page

Page 100 Everyday Chemicals

Page 101 Identifying Chemicals

Page 102 Density

Page 103 Properties of Matter

Page 104 Separating Mixtures

Page 105 Types of Matter

Page 106 Physical and Chemical Changes

Page 107 Changes in Matter

Page 108 Virtual Lab: Understanding Matter

Page 109 States of Matter

Page 110 Virtual Lab: Thermal Energy and Change of State

Page 111 Changes of State

Page 112 The Atom Anecdote

Page 113 Inside the Atoms

Page 114 Atomic Model Timeline

Page 115 History of the Atom

Page 116 Historical Atomic Models

Page 117 Modern Atomic Theory

Page 118 Elements Project

Page 119 How Elements are Organized

Page 120 Classifying Elements

Page 121 Classes of Elements

Page 122 Periodic Table Webquest

Page 123 Groups of Elements

Page 124 Electron Dot Diagrams

Page 125 Bohr Diagrams and Lewis Structures

Page 126 Chemical Equations

Page 127 Introduction to Chemical Bonding

Page 128 Classifying Chemical Equations

Page 129 Chemical Reactions

Page 130 Solutes and Solvents

Page 131 Introduction to Solutions

Page 132 Solubility Virtual Lab

Page 133 Solubility and Concentration

Page 134 What is the pH of Common Solutions?

Page 135 Acids and Bases

Page 136 Vocabulary Foldable

Page 137 Unit 7 Energy: Conservation and Transfer

Page 138 AHA Page

Page 139 AHA Page

Page 140 Forms of Energy Foldable

Page 141 Forms of Energy

Page 142 Energy Transformations Worksheet

Page 143 EnergyTranformations

Page 144 Nonrenewable Energy Graphic Organizer

Page 145 Types of Energy Resources: Nonrenewable Energy

Page 146 Renewable Energy Graphic Organizer

Page 147 Types of Energy Resources: Renewable Energy

Page 148 How We Use Our Energy Sources

Page 149 Using Energy

Page 150 Energy Conservation Worksheet

Page 151 Conserving Energy

Page 152 Energy Math Challenge

Page 153 Unit 8 Health, Disease, and Biotechnology

Page 154 AHA Page

Page 155 AHA Page

Page 156 Body Systems Work Together

Page 157 Human Health: Body Systems

Page 158 Nutrition Label Comparison

Page 159 Food and Health

Page 160 Is Big Tobacco Out to Hook Kids?

Page 161 Diseases

Page 162 Meet the Microbes

Page 163 Public Health

Page 164 Epidemics and Pandemics

Page 165 Unhealthy Living

Page 166 Cloning Around

Page 167 Biotechnology

Page 168 Cloning Case Studies

Page 169 Unit 8: Cell Structures and Processes

Page 170 AHA Page

Page 171 AHA Page

Page 172 Prokaryote Coloring

Page 173 Cells

Page 174 Animal Cell Coloring

Page 175 Cell Structure

Page 176 Mitosis Edhelper

Page 177 Cell Division

Page 178 Meiosis Edhelper

Page 179 Cell Reproduction

Page 180 Compare/Contrast Mitosis and Meiosis

Page 181 Unit 9: EOG Review

Page 182 AHA Page

Page 183 AHA Page

Page 184 Hydrology Study Guide Questions

Page 185 Hydrology Review

Page 186 Ecosystems Study Guide Questions

Page 187 Ecosystems Review

Page 188 Geologic Change Over Time Study Guide Questions

Page 189 Geologic Change Over Time Review

Page 190 Biologic Change Over Time Study Guide Questions

Page 191 Biologic Change Over Time Review

Page 192 Chemistry Study Guide Questions

Page 193 Chemistry Review

Page 194 Energy: Conservation and Transfer Study Guide Questions

Page 195 Energy: Conservation and Transfer Review

Page 196 Health, Disease, and Biotechnology Study Guide Questions

Page 197 Health, Disease, and Biotechnology Review

Page 198 Cell Structures and Processes Study Guide Questions

Page 199 Cell Structures and Processes Review

Page 200








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