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Math I Assignments

Page history last edited by Angela Chappell 9 years, 6 months ago

Left Side 

Right Side 

Page 26 Properties Foldable

Page 27  Multiply/Divide Real Numbers

Page 28 What's In a Name?

Page 29 Properties of Real Numbers

Page 30 Area of Rectangles/Lengths of Line Segments

Page 31 Distributive Property Using Area Models

Page 32 Frayer Model/I Know What I Know About ...

Page 33 Simplifying Expressions with Distributive Property

Page 34 Scatter Plots Foldable

Page 35 The Coordinate Plane

Page 36 Unit 1 Vocabulary Review

Page 37 Unit 2 Cover Sheet

Page 38 That's a Lot of Cats!

Page 39 Overview of Exponent Rules

Page 40 Investigation --- Exponents Page 41 Zero and Negative Exponents

Page 42 Driving for Points

Page 43 Scientific Notation

Page 44 Icebergs and Exponents

Page 45 Multiplying Exponents Part I

Page 46 Multiplying Scientific Notation

Page 47 Multiplying Exponents Part II

Page 48 Dividing Scientific Notation

Page 49 Dividing Exponents

Page 50 Rational Exponents

Page 51 Rational Exponents

Page 52 Powers and Roots

Page 53 Roots

Page 54 Simplifying Radicals

Page 55 Simplifying Radicals Involving Products

Page 56 Expressing Square Roots in Radical Form

Page 57 Simplifying Radicals Involving Quotients

Page 58 Expressing Radical Expressions in Simplest Form

Page 59 Rationalizing the Denominator

Page 60 Simplifying Radicals Foldable

Page 61 Unit 3 Cover Sheet

Page 62 Solving One-Step Equations

Page 63 Solving One-Step Equations

Page 64 Melody's Music Solution

Page 65 Solving Two-Step Equations

Page 66 Linear Equations in One Variable

Page 67 Solving Multi-Step Equations

Page 68 Checking Group Work

Page 69 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Page 70 Angle and Triangle Relationships

Page 71 Parallel Lines and Transversals

Page 72 Proofs About Parallel Lines

Page 73 Parallel Lines, Transversals, and Variables on Both Sides

Page 74 Word Problems --- Mixture

Page 75 Equations and Problem Solving

Page 76 Same Direction Travel

Page 77 Uniform Motion: Same-Direction Travel

Page 78 I Know What I Know About . . .

Page 79 Uniform Motion: Round-Trip Travel 

Page 80 Uniform Motion Foldable;

Distance = Rate x Time Proof Problem

Page 81 Uniform Motion: Opposite-Direction Travel

Page 82 Transforming Equations
Page 83 Literal Equations
Page 84 Recipe for Math Page 85 Unit 4 Cover Sheet
Page 86 Explaining a Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Page 87 Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Page 88 What is the Pythagorean Theorem? Audio Lesson Page 89 Application of the Pythagorean Theorem
Page 90 Extension: Equation of a Circle Page 91 Pythagorean Theorem and Geometrical Figures
Page 92 Applying the Pythagorean Theorem to Find the Distance Between Two Points Page 93 Distance on the Coordinate Plane
Page 94 Perimeter on the Coordinate Plane

Page 95 Distance Formula

Page 96 Midpoint Formula Audio Lesson Page 97 Midpoint Formula
Page 98 Extension: Right Triangle Trigonometry Page 99 Special Right Triangles
Page 100 Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres Page 101 Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres
Page 102 Volume Foldable Page 103 Unit 5 Cover Sheet
Page 104 SAS Comparing Translations, Reflections, and Rotations Page 105 Transformations: Translations and Reflections
Page 106 SAS Graphing Rotations Page 107 Transformations: Rotations
Page 108 Transformations and Congruence Page 109 Congruency
Page 110 Describing Transformations as Functions Page 111 Enlargements and Reductions
Page 112 Transformations and Similarity Page 113 Similarity
Page 114 Transformations and Coordinates Page 115 Unit 6 Cover Sheet: Relations and Functions
Page 116 Functions --- Understanding Functions Page 117 Functions and Relations
Page 118 Describing Graphs of Linear Functions Page 119 Functions Rules, Tables and Graphs
Page 120 The Guitar Class Page 121 Writing a Function Rule
Page 122 Direct Variation/Not a Direct Variation Page 123 Direct Variation
Page 124 Population Change in Brazil Page 125 Describing Number Patterns
Page 126 The Whale Tale

Page 127 Unit 7 Cover Sheet: Patterns of Change

Page 128 Matching the Patterns/Function Families Foldable Page 129 Shapes of Algebra
Page 130 Geometric Sequences Page 131 Exponential Functions
Page 132 Medicine and Mathematics Page 133 Exponential Growth and Decay
Page 134 Rate of Change Page 135 Linear and Nonlinear Functions
Page 136 SAS What is Slope?/Vertical and Horizontal Lines Page 137 Rate of Change and Slope
Page 138 Finding and Comparing Rates of Change/Identifying Linear Functions Page 139 Slope - Intercept Form
Page 140 The Picture Tells the Linear Story Page 141 Graphing Linear Equations
Page 142 Comparing Functions

Page 143 X - and Y - Intercepts

Page 144 Modeling With Functions Page 145 Writing Equations to Describe Functions
Page 146 SAS Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Page 147 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Page 148 Proportional Relationships Page 149 Comparing Functions
Page 150 Describing Functional Relationships Page 151 Analyzing Graphs
Page 152 Comparing Linear and Exponential Functions Page 153 Comparing Linear and Exponential Functions
Page 154 Stained Glass Window Page 155 Unit 8 Cover Sheet: Systems
Page 156 Solving Linear Systems Graphically Page 157 Solving Systems by Graphing
Page 158 Solving Linear Systems Algebraically Page 159 Solving Systems by Substitution
Page 160 Solving Linear Systems Algebraically Page 161 Solving Systems by Elimination
Page 162 Problem Solving with Linear Systems Page 163 Applications of Linear Systems
Page 164 Core Plus Inequalities Worksheet Page 165 Inequalities
Page 166 Graphing Linear Inequalities Graphic Organizer

Page 167 Linear Inequalities

Page 168 National Treasure Page 169 Systems of Linear Inequalities
Page 170 Systems of Equations Foldable Page 171 Unit 9 Cover Sheet: From Polynomials to Quadratics
Page 172 SAS: Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Page 173 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Page 174 SAS Algebraic Perimeters Page 175 Multiplying and Factoring
Page 176 Multiplying Binomials Page 177 Multiplying Binomials
Page 178 Rewriting Differences of Squares/Factoring Squares of Binomials Page 179 Factoring Trinomials and Special Cases
Page 180 Identifying Key Features of a Graph Page 181 Exploring Quadratic Graphs
Page 182 Solving Quadratic Equations Page 183 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing, Using Square Roots, and Factoring
Page 184 Comparing Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions Page 185 Choosing a Linear, Quadratic, or Exponential Model
Page 186 Angry Birds Quadratic Graphing Page 187 Unit 10 Cover Sheet: Patterns in Data
Page 188 Best Fit Lines Page 189 Scatter Plots and Association
Page 190 Equations of Best Fit Lines Page 191 Scatter Plots and Prediction
Page 192 Two-Way Tables Page 193 Two-Way Tables
Page 194 Analyzing One-Variable Data

Page 195 Measures of Center and Spread

Page 196 Using the Mean and Standard Deviation of a Data Set Page 197 Data Distributions and Outliers
Page 198 Accounting for Outliers Page 199 Histograms and Box Plots
Page 200 Data Foldable  



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